KANADA - Hafez and his divan

Hafez, the 14th-century Persian poet, still draws a crowd, if the hundreds of Iranians gathering this weekend  for several presentations are any evidence.

Nasser Kanani, an expert in electrochemistry, is the guest speaker, better known in engineering circles for his textbook on electroplating, rather than his recently-published two-volume study of the poet called Hafez and His Divan As Viewed By the West.

Mohandez, the Canadian society of Iranian engineers and architects, sponsored Kanani’s lectures at Toronto’s Aga Khan Museum and an Iranian community centre.

Unusual mix: Electrochemistry and poetry

Electrochemistry and poetry aren’t your usual mix of engineering specialties but Kanani says the poems of Hafez transcend the boundaries between the sciences and literature.

“Everybody believes that he has discovered Hafez for himself or herself,” said Kanani. “And the interpretation will be a never-ending process.”