IRAN - Wasserkonferenz 2015

Tehran seminar will galvanize the industry
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Electroplating waste water treatment industry
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Professor Nasser Kanani


KANADA - Hafez and his Divan 2017

A presentation by Professor Nasser Kanani, complemented by a musical performance of a quartet with Vocalist Golrokh Aminian and Amir Rahbar on Piano.

Professor Nasser Kanani living in Berlin, Germany is visiting Toronto to have a unique presentation about Hafiz, one of the most renowned poets in the history of the world and how he has been perceived by western poets and philosophers. Professor Kanani, a Ph.D. in solid state physics, a scientist and the author of “Hafez and his Divan”, a book in two volumes, will take us through a mesmerizing journey with Hafiz.
This journey will be continued with a sensational musical performance of a soprano, piano, cello and percussions, performing some of the most beautiful pieces based on Hafiz’ poetry.

Polen - The Parthian Battery 2019

In the late 1786, Luigi Galvani, an Italian anatomist, noticed that whenever hetouched the legs of a dead frog with two different metal probes, the legs’ musclescontracted. To verify his observation he performed the experiment over and overagain under different conditions and in various environments and always ended upwith the same results! Finally, he came up with an explanation: He coined the termanimal electricity to describe the force that activated the muscles of the frog’s legs.

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